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Get the Cash You Need Today!

Tyson's Watch & Jewelry Exchange is committed to assisting anyone who must raise cash immediately. Today's economic turmoil has put access to immediate cash out of reach for many small businesses as well as individuals.

When banks are not cooperative Tyson's Watch & Jewelry Exchange can provide funds in a matter of minutes. Tyson's Watch & Jewelry Exchange makes loans of $50 and larger loans up to $500,000.

Tyson's Watch & Jewelry Exchange gets cash into its clients hands in a matter of minutes, not weeks or months like banks, helping you meet pressing financial needs such as; payroll, college tuition, a mortgage payment or an unexpected bill is exactly what the Tyson's Watch & Jewelry Exchange does everyday.

cash loans

Our Loan Process is as follows:
  1. Bring in items you wish to pledge as collateral
  2. State the amount of money you need
  3. Allow for a short time for evaluation
  4. Amount agreed upon
  5. Contract is written up and explained
  6. You walk out with cash
  7. Item is secured awaiting your redemption
Let Us Know How Much You Need

Inform the Tyson's Watch & Jewelry Exchange staff of how much money you are trying to raise and show us your collateral, make loans from $50 to $500,000. Proper identification is required and a short contract must be completed.

Time Length of Loans

Loan terms are determined by you the client; make a payment once a month and you can automatically extend any loan for an additional 30 days. We offer this service as often as a customer might need.


The combined interest and service charges will typically be 7-10% a month. Larger loans may qualify for a lower monthly charge. All charges are within the guidelines mandated by the state of Virginia Bureau of Financial institutions.

Security/Storage of Valuables

All loans are placed in a secure warehouse or safe and are never tampered with. No customer’s valuables are ever displayed to the public. Tyson's Watch & Jewelry Exchange maintains insurance while in possession of any loans, and or consignments, but we still recommend maintaining your personal policy on these valuables.