How Does the Loan Process Work?

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The process is simple and easy. Bring in items of value that you would like a loan against. Please inform our friendly staff of how much money you need and for how long. No loan request is too small or too large. Only the collateral you intend to pledge restricts how much one may borrow.. Tyson's Watch & Jewelry Exchange specializes in:

  • Jewelry of any type (diamonds, certified gems, platinum, gold, antique, jewelry in any condition)
  • Watches (Patek, Rolex, Cartier, Hublot, Omega, IWC, Vacheron, Harry Winston, Omega, Jaegre-LeCoultre, Baume-Mercier, any better time piece is acceptable)
  • Artwork of any type (Picasso, Pissaro, Nieman, Van-Gogh, Dali, Warhol, Lassen, Chagall)
  • Gold/silver (coins, broken, scrap, bullion, any type in any condition)
  • Minks/Purses/Accessories (Black Llama, Neiman Marcus, Gucci, Louis Vitton, Ralph Lauren, Cartier)
Items will be stored and secured while in our possession.

There is no public access to your valuables. All loan information and data remains in the strictest of confidence. Your loan will likely remain untouched until you retrieve it.

Other items such as classic cars, real estate or unique furniture might require special arrangements which Tyson's Watch & Jewelry Exchange is always happy to provide.


After appraising your valuables, Tyson's Watch & Jewelry Exchange completes all federal, state and locally approved contracts. The document details all costs, payments and obligations to the borrower and the lender. Loans are always renewable and structured to insure customers have ample opportunity to retrieve their items. Tyson's Watch & Jewelry Exchange is aware that unexpected situations can occur; the staff will do everything possible to accommodate your request. As an extra convenience Tyson's Watch & Jewelry Exchange now accepts credit card via phone for renewal payments.

Get Cash in Hand In Minutes

After signatures are gathered Tyson's Watch & Jewelry Exchange will hand you cash, a check, or wire funds to your account. There are no restriction against having multiple loans. Unless the transaction involves multiple items, most clients receive cash within 15 minutes. Tyson's Watch & Jewelry Exchange makes thousands of cash loans each year.

A loan example is as follows:

  1. A $1000 loan is made on the first of a month using a diamond ring as collateral.
  2. The $1000 loan will be due 30 days later.
  3. The loan can be retrieved on that date or before for $1103.
  4. The loan can also be extended on that date or before for $103...this process may be repeated as necessary with no restrictions. When Tyson's Watch & Jewelry clients are prepared to redeem their items, they only pay what they owe. There are no additional charges. All loans and collateral are insured while they are in our possession, but maintaining dual insurance is acceptable.