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If you are considering selling your items outright, Tyson's Watch & Jewelry Exchange buys all types of jewelry, watches, gold, silver, diamonds, artwork and more. Tyso'ns Watch & Jewelry Exchange is proud to get our customers immediate top cash on a daily basis. Tyson's Watch & Jewelry Exchange is fully licensed in Fairfax County as well as the state of Virginia. Tyson's Watch & Jewelry Exchange is often recognized as the only store capable of handling very large dollar transactions, while still servicing the $25 purchase. All transactions are handled in an expedited manner. Appointments are rarely needed.

Our Goal is to Get You the Amount of Cash You Are Seeking

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From entering one of our private buying offices to leaving the store parking lot, most of Tyson's Watch & Jewelry Exchange’s transactions can be completed in less than 15 minutes. Inform the Tyson's Watch & Jewelry Exchange staff of how much money you are trying to raise and show us your collateral. Proper identification is required. Our receipt shows a valid transfer of ownership. Unlike auction houses or antique shops cash is immediately exchanged for your items, as is proper title.

Tyson's Watch & Jewelry Exchange buys:
  1. Any type of jewelry in any condition
  2. Gold, silver or platinum metals in any quantity (Coins, bars, scrap, jewelry, bullion, flatware, statutes, etc.)
  3. Fine watches (Rolex, Breitling, Cartier, Chopard, Patek Philippe, Panerai, Omega, almost any type of watch)
  4. Diamonds (Any shape, modern or antique cut, certified or non-certified, broken or chipped )
  5. Collectibles (Memorabilia, autographs, figurines, artifacts, antiques)
  6. Artwork (Sketches, bronzes, ceramics, lithographs, oils)
  7. Furs, purses and high end accessories
  8. High End Electronics + Music Equipment
Tyson's Watch & Jewelry will try to buy anything you bring in

Nearly all clients leave with money in their pocket. Recent purchases include a $40,000 watch collection, a $4,700 diamond solitaire ring, a $70 silver bracelet, a $125,000 pair of diamond earrings, a $33,000 collection of gold and silver coins, a $2,300 Pissaro, $44 for scrap gold, and a $1,000 for a Gucci mink coat and purse. Some of our more unique transactions include: a solid gold walking stick, sterling silver golf clubs, platinum chess pieces, a jet ski, a Marriott timeshare, and a collection of ladies antique hats. Please call first if you have an unusual item you are trying to sell.

Immediate Cash Options

Our attentive staff will explain all your options to obtain the requested amount you may require. Whether $50 or $350,000, each client is handled professionally & confidentially. Please remember that valid ID is required. Unlike auction houses or antique shops cash is immediately exchanged for your items, as is proper title.