Do You Know How to Grade a Diamond?

Do You Know How to Grade a Diamond?

If you have ever purchased a diamond, then you might of heard of GIA. GIA is known for its outstanding gemological research, education, gem identification and grading services. It is a GIA grading chart that has become the standard of determining your stone’s qualities.

1) The less COLOR the higher the grade of your stone. Diamonds are graded on a scale of D to Z. D is a perfectly colorless diamond and Z would be considered a hue of yellow to brown. GIA’s criteria for a perfect diamond is chemically pure and structurally perfect with no hue.

2) The CLARITY within a diamond shows any imperfections or ‘inclusions.” Inclusions are indicators of manmade diamonds because natural diamonds are the result of carbon exposed to extreme heat and pressure deep within the earth. The grading scale for CLARITY is Flawless to I-3. Flawless is seen 10X magnification and I-3 is seen with the naked eye. Treatments can also be recognized by GIA.

3) The CUT of a diamond has many factors to its importance in choosing a diamond because it needs to be cut to maximize the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond. Factors such as how much light strikes the surface of the diamond, how the light returns to your eye; therefore the proportions of the diamond are critical to how diamond’s facets interact with light. The CUT is sometimes confused with a diamond’s SHAPE. The CUT refers to a stone’s facet arrangement.

3) CARAT weight. A CARAT = 200 milligrams. Even though it would seem the most obvious factor of a diamond’s value is its size, the weight is not an indicator alone of a diamond’s value. An ideal cut should aspire to retain the greatest amount of weight possible while not compromising a stone’s ability to showcase its beauty. Faceted diamonds are sold by weight. Keep in mind the difference between SIZE and WEIGHT of a diamond. When weighing diamonds, a 1.00 carat is divided into 100 points; therefore a diamond of 25 points would be described as 0.25 carats or ¼ of a carat.