Buying and selling diamonds and jewelry can be a complicated and stressful process. At Tysons Watch & Jewelry Exchange, we make it easy to shop high-quality luxury brand jewelry without the retail markup. Learn more about gold and diamond exchanges and how we work below.

What is a diamond exchange?

Our diamond exchange is a resale store where people can exchange their goods for either merchandise or cash. At our diamond exchange, you can purchase previously owned and new diamonds, gold, jewelry, watches, other pieces of fine jewelry and even handbags.

How does a diamond exchange work?

At Tysons Watch & Jewelry Exchange, the diamond exchange process is straightforward and transparent. Call to schedule an appointment, then bring your items to us and tell us how we can help and what you’re looking to sell or pawn. We will then make an evaluation, and you get paid in cash immediately. With over 25 years in business, our assessment and exchange process helps you sell your valuables and your fine jewelry with confidence and peace of mind.

Compared to retail stores, gold and diamond exchanges are the more affordable choice for people looking to purchase diamonds and other valuables, allowing customers to get the highest quality items without the luxury brand markup.  If you have a treasured interited piece or if you have another item to repurpose, our staff and goldsmiths are ready to help you transform your visions into reality. 

What is the exchange value of diamonds?

The exchange value of diamonds and other gemstones will vary depending on several factors, such as the quality and condition of the gems. There is no set percentage of purchase price or percentage of appraised value taken into consideration when assessing the current value of your item.  Instead we look at current market value.  People looking to buy diamonds from a gold and diamond exchange, then, typically pay less compared to retail stores while still getting excellent, authentic jewelry.

Looking to exchange your diamonds or want to learn more about our collection of preowned, refurbished, pre-loved designer jewelry here at Tysons Watch & Jewelry Exchange? Contact us today, and someone from our friendly staff will be in touch soon!