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Accepted Items for loan

As the "Tiffany of Pawnshops", we are dedicated to our customers, we pride ourselves on offering the best price to sellers. Washington, D.C. metro area residents who want to sell their diamonds, gold, or luxury watches for a short-term cash loan know they can get a fair price from the trusted pawnbroker Tyson's Watch and Jewelry Exchange.

Let us know how much you need

Inform the Tysons Watch & Jewelry Exchange staff of how much money you are trying to raise. Our pawn loans range from $50 to $500,000. Proper identification is required and a short contract must be completed.

Time length of loans

Pawn loan terms are established and explained; make a payment once a month and you can automatically extend any loan for an additional 30 days. We offer this service as often as a customer might need.  We highly recommend our clients come in a hour prior to closing, so we are able to do the proper research required in order to give you our best offer.


The combined interest and service charges will typically be 7-10% a month. Larger loans may qualify for a lower monthly charge. All charges are within the guidelines mandated by the state of Virginia Bureau of Financial institutions.

Security/storage of valuables

All loans are placed in a secure warehouse or safe. No customer’s valuables are ever displayed to the public. Tysons Watch & Jewelry Exchange maintains insurance while in possession of any loans, and or consignments, but we still recommend maintaining your personal policy on these valuables.

What items do you accept? 

Tysons Watch & Jewelry Exchange accepts all types of jewelry, diamonds, luxury watches, gold coins and bullion, and fine designer purses. Other valuables are considered but please call first.

Is it better to pawn or sell?

The answer really depends on the customer’s circumstance. Pawning an item allows for the customer to retrieve the item after they repay the amount borrowed plus the interest.  We allow the customer any length of time necessary as long as they pay the interest monthly.

Selling an item is best for clients whom are not interested in retrieving their item/s. There are no charges for selling an item outright.

Neither transaction is ever reported on one’s credit.

What percentage do I get? 

Each item is individually evaluated based on current market values. We attempt to lend clients the amount that they request to borrow. We explain that, as a pawnbroker, we can make more revenue by lending more money. Customers who would like to compare our offers against other pawn shops or buyers of estate jewelry in the DC area always return explaining that our cash offer was superior to all others.

When we buy an item outright, the transaction is also based on current market values. We access many resources to best evaluate all items.

There is no single answer to a sole calculation or formula that we use to determine offers. We do pride ourselves in our continued annual growth and retaining a very high repeat cliental.