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We will guide you through the consignment process

Time commitments, security issues, fraudulent payments are just a few of the challenges one will confront in trying to sell personal property. Allow the professional staff at Tysons Watch & Jewelry Exchange to maneuver through these issues. The Watch & Jewelry Exchange’s reputation, location and the name “Tysons” instills an instant credibility that others simply cannot offer.  We highly recommend our clients come in a hour prior to closing, so we are able to do the proper research required in order to give you our best offer.

Marketing starts immediately

Fees vary from 20-35% of the final sales price. Tysons Watch & Jewelry will utilize many different marketing strategies to liquidate your items. Timeframes can never be predicted, but it is very common for our clients to receive payment within 30 days.

Your valuables are covered by our insurance

There are no limits to the quantity or the dollar amount to which Tysons Watch & Jewelry will accept. Frequently large estate consignments will require some extra time to properly categorize and inventory. Consignment is a very valued service offered by Tysons Watch & Jewelry Exchange, if time is on your side!